ACR 10NL Blitz: What is this guy thinking??!! (1 Viewer)


Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
10NL Blitz on ACR. Have insufficient HUD stats on V.
I'm going to show hole cards here to facilitate the process of trying to figure out what this guy was thinking.

Folds to Hero in SB with T8s. Hero FRI 3BB. V calls. I can get onboard with his call as it is sooted and he is closing the action.

Nice flop for Hero's exact hand but I think slightly better for BB's range. Hero X to X/C.
BB obliges with a 3/4 pot bet and Hero calls. Hero sees no benefit to raising here - that could prematurely end the hand and Hero wants max value.
This may be a high-frequency bet for the BB but I think the sizing here should be smaller like 1/3 pot as I dont think the BB has a nut advantage on this flop as we both have a decent amount of 8x.

EDIT: I put this in GTO+ and V does have a small nut advantage here. Solver as BB is X 50% of the time and betting 1/2 pot 36%.


Turn is a J and puts a FD on the board as well. Hero X and V bets 1 BB. Bizarre - is this a mis-click? We'll never know.


Hero is not letting him get an effectively free card, so raises it up to just under pot, and V calls.
This guy should be playing on Ignition. He is going to be broke instantly on ACR.


The river boats up Hero. Hero tanks, trying to figure out how to get as much value as possible.
I hope that he has something like 77 and decide that if I bet small, maybe I can induce a raise.
Hero bets just under 1/4 pot and V raises 4x. Looking at his hole cards, he must have sensed weakness and turned his pair of 5s into a bluff.


Hero decides that the only reasonable thing to do here is to jam, hoping V is pot committed and puts the rest in.
He obliges. Well maybe he raised river for value??


Really one of the strangest hands in a while. Maybe there's some meaning to the "420" in V's username ...
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