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Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
Playing 1-2 live, six handed. This is early in the session, players are still joining and will for a while. I think of this as the warm up period where we play a little more normally. Most players are either on their first $60 buy in or have rebought up to $200.

Cast of characters:

BB has $150 on a $60 start. He is the perfect calling station, very sticky very passive.

Hero is UTG playing $250 on a $200 start. Hero has been over aggressive with ace high and paid the price for that (and got some rewards too) This is the part of the session where hero takes actions with advertizing value - things that might not be wise with deeper stacks later on.

The Alpha Male holds the button and $350 on a $200 start. As always, Alpha wants to be table captian in his LAGgy way. He always wants to play when {easy money} Hero puts in a raise.

The hand:

Hero finds himself holding red rockets, :ah: :ad: and raises to $12. {normal raises are $5 to $8, but hero wants a lower SPR and maybe a thinner field}

Folds to the Alpha Male who calls. SB folds, BB calls. $37 in the pot, three way action.

Flop: :7s: :ks: :7c:

BB checks, action on Hero. Bet or check, if betting how much and why?

I'm interested in knowing how often Hero is continuation betting against Alpha. If the percentage is high then I'm absolutely betting, especially with a sticky calling station in the hand. I'm betting $25 and hoping for a Q or a J to hit the turn.
Betting seems standard here & 25-30 seems good. General plan vs Captain being to check/ship most turns. Mostly I'm betting.
I don't mind checking though. Has some meta-game value - people notice when you showdown aces. Given that you mostly playing straight forward, advertising that you do the reverse is profitable.
Hero is c-betting a lot here. The flop is a betting flop - would be better without the flush draw. Hero's 88 - QQ would be good lots of times. Even AJ or AQ has a fairly good chance to be best.

I'm guessing that AM floats Hero's c-bet with nearly ATC, but what is his raising range here?

I'm with the crowd, c-bet of $25-30 sounds good.
Bet $20, which is the same thing I would do if I had raised pre with :3d::4d:. Probably never folding under any circumstances - Alpha is going to think KJo is the nuts here.
Alpha is capable of the same thinking as Hero. It is a dry board, so bluffs work better than normal.


As you stated here. COuld he be trying to bluff you off a AK type hand? Even KJ as others have said. Do you see him staying with suited connectors that has a 7 in it? I think this is a call.
If I had no prior knowledge of the player, I would say call. Why would they bet so much? If they have a seven wouldn't they slow play it to get max value? However you have a ton of history with this villain, so you would know the answer to this better than I.
My stack is in the middle faster than you can blink. I'll give him enough credit to be able to raise with a 7 here, but I don't think he's ever jamming with it - the raise would be smaller. Even if you think he plays a hand like 87 this way sometimes, he still has more FDs/random bluffs/overvalued kings in his range IMO.
Exactly ^^this^^. If you run into a 7 here then it's just bad luck. Given the player's reputation I am ranging him on KQ, KJ, or a spade draw. I'm actually leaning more towards the draw here to try and be super-Alpha and push you off your hand.
Throw out the numbers. It's a straight up read only situation. He knows you're not raising light PF and that you didn't flop the joint. He therefore also knows if you have AA, QQ, or AK, he can shove a 7 and get called because (I'm presuming) of your history together. Therefore fold if you think he has a 7, call if you think he doesn't have a 7 (or KK) and be prepared to face the flush draw or naked K.
$25 flop bet looks good. Villians overshove looks more like a bluff or semi-bluff (flush draw) than a 7 to me. I'm getting my chips in.
*** the end, with a curve ball ***

Hero snap calls. Villain tables :9h: :7d: Hero misses the turn and river. Dang.

Now the curve ball - an almost identical hand comes up several hours later: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/24/home-poker/aa-vs-alpha-male-1492143/

Does hero let this hand's result overly influence the play of the later hand?

No, Alpha isn't cheating even if he did deal both hands. -=- DrStrange
If there ever was a character disposed for cheating, its the alpha ;)
If Hero bet the flop, I think he needs to call the jam. I was thinking maybe check behind on the flop. Then a raise on the turn...

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