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Trade A solid THC trade (pun intended!) (1 Viewer)


Oct 6, 2020
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Oxford, UK
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Hi All,

I am looking to finialise a couple of projects and need a few remaining THC solids in excellent+ condition. I have a wanted ad up, but in addition to purchasing outright, I am also willing to trade any chips listed here for the following THC solids, e.g. I am looking for:
  • 40 x Petunia THC solids (or 140 x Orchid THC solids)
  • 40 x Canary Yellow THC solids
  • 140 x Radiant Red THC solids
  • 20 x Arc Yellow THC solids
Already milled chips are preferable, but certainly not a requirement. If you have anything you'd wish to discuss trading, please get in touch! None of these chips are currently for sale (at least until I have fulfilled my requirements and I will start another thread) and Paulson colour sample chips are not included. Note: the chips are in the UK but I am willing to consolidate shipments if someone is willing to reship.

I am not 100% sure about some of the blues listed here, but please ask for more photos of any that may be of interest. Here is what is up for possible trade:
  • 120 x Aransas Queen $100
  • 60 x Horizon Blue THC solids (milled)
  • 20 x Horseshoe Cleveland secondary $100
  • 82 x Blue THC solids (milled) - I think they might be Light Blue but not 100% convinced
  • 20 x Horseshoe Southern Indiana secondary $1a
  • 40 x Horizon's Edge $100
  • 140 x White THC solids (milled)
  • 64 x Indian Blue THC solids (milled) - most of these have fleabites
  • 17 x Blue THC solids (milled) - pretty sure these are Desert Flower (shown between the whites and pinks) as they match the ESPT T5 spot
  • 40 x Pink THC solids (milled)
  • 100 x Blurple THC solids (milled)
  • 50 x Lilac THC solids (milled) - excellent condition
  • 19 x Hot Pink THC solids (milled)
  • 18 x Blue THC solids (milled) - these might be dolphin blue (shown next to the hot pinks)?
  • 50 x Peach THC solids (milled)
  • 42 x Casino Arizona 50c fracs
  • 20 x Aurora Star $5
  • 20 x Aurora Star $25
  • 20 x Park Place $5
  • 100 x Fuschia THC solids (milled)
Thanks for looking and if you have any questions or require additional photos, please just ask!




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