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  1. Nov 30, 2017 at 9:02 AM

    Jeff Moderator

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    Our goal is to provide a great place for all of us. To be fair, we want member expectations to be laid out as clearly as possible. Expectations are here in PCF’s existing site guidelines:


    In general, we understand you want flexibility to use the site without interference. We want you to as well, within the site guidelines.

    Recently we were made aware of some misunderstanding or misinformation being spread about site moderation and we’d like to clear the air.

    - None of the PCF Staff can read, edit or delete your PMs. The only time we will see your PM is if you (or anyone in your PM) report it to us. If a PM message is reported by one of the members in the PM, we will receive notice and be able to read ONLY the message that is reported, not any of other messages in the PM thread.

    - Conversations pre 2017 were lost when the data got corrupted. Going forward, everything was moved to a new storage provider and with auto off site backups. Normal operations is that conversations are retained unless all participants have left.

    - Often we are moderating content because it was reported to us. This means someone is offended. Please think about what you post and please use this reporting function with some discretion so that you don’t abuse it.

    - This is a private clubhouse, not a federal court. You are our friends. We don’t want to bother you. We don’t want to moderate content. When we do, please be nice and cooperate with requests. If we moderate your content, please contact us with your concerns or better yet, shake it off and move on. If you contact us we will keep our discussions private. If you are abusive to site members or moderators, we generally address the content first, then warn, then ban for a short time, then ban permanently. If you are maliciously abusive to us, or our time, there is no guarantee that we will extend you the courtesy of any specific due process.

    - We give the same level of consideration to members regardless of how often they post or how long they have been a member. Also, tenure or higher post numbers isn’t a license for members to harass other members or mods, or to disregard site rules.

    - We address problems privately. We will not discuss moderation publicly. This is for the privacy and dignity of both the member and the mod and/or reporting member

    - This is a chip site. We don’t care about your politics. That being said, we will not allow you to harass other people with your politics unless they sign up for it. The political forum is available to anyone who wants to opt into it.

    - We all may have opinions about reselling chips, but negative discussion about pricing (“thread crapping”) concerning another members chip sale will not be tolerated.

    In short, please be considerate of others. Don’t give anyone a hard time. Post lots of pr0n. And thank you for your contribution to PCF!

    Tommy, David O, Jeff, Payback and Trihonda
  2. Dec 7, 2017 at 9:41 AM

    Tommy Custodian

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    There have been continued allegations that we read your PMs. I would like to reiterate what @Jeff has said. The PCF Staff, which includes Admins, Moderators, and any other Staff position here, DO NOT read your PMs. The forum software has a feature called Log In As User / Test Permissions. This allows us to help troubleshoot a permission problem that you may be having. ex: why you might not be able to create a thread, post a reply, uploads images, use the gallery, etc.

    We are NOT able to read your private messages using this feature as someone has claimed.


    Admins and Moderators DO NOT read your PMs unless you either invite us to it or reported it. If reported, we can only see the reported message and not any other messages in the PM. It is as simple as that. We will not be addressing this anymore.

    Thank you!
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