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Mar 8, 2014
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Phase lll at Del Boca Vista
I just hosted my first squash tournament today! I have been a squash pro now for about 2 months at a health club in my city but just had a great event today. It was a 'Calcutta' style tourney. So its a handicapped point based system. Less advanced players get a head start etc

I am in the front in red/white. Had 14 total. These are the guys who stayed a little longer.

First prize for main draw was a Xamsa racket plus a free racket restringing coupon. consulation first place also got a racket.

was a great day of donuts, pizza and pop ... and squash! great mix lol

That one worked. Is the winner pictured?
yes back right green shirt (trying to be taller by putting his heels on the court wall haah). I did play in it and as much as I didnt want to, I 'threw' both my matches to much lesser opponents. As the host and prize giver, I didnt want to take that away from others so I gave them a really hard game but just lost in the end to help them out. I was the top seeded player there. But Kyle, who won is pretty good too. Mike in the yellow won the consolation.
Just finished my second run squash tourney. Another calcutta. This one went better than the last one

Here is a picture of todays stuff. :) (ya i have chicken scratch writing haha)



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