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Apr 15, 2020
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I’m looking at purchasing a BB ante tournament set. I have a chip case that holds 680 chips I’m going to use to store this set, so I’m thinking to buy 800 chips so have a few extra and can move things around to fit my needs best.
In a previous post you guys suggested I go with 25K starting stacks made up of 15/5/11/2 for 10 players and 10/6/11/2 for 20 players. Those each total 150/50/110/20 and 200/120/220/20 for buy ins. If I have a 30k rebuy or add on that would bring those totals to 150/50/110/30/10 and 200/120/220/40/20. There is a chance we might play 20K starting stack with a 20k rebuy or add on, this would be 200/120/220/100 (later on use 25k for colouring up).
With the above scenarios in mind, I am thinking to purchase the following breakdown.
T100 x 200
T500 x 150
T1000 x 250
T5K x 140
T25K x 60
so that’s 200/150/250/140/60
I’m thinking this breakdown should give me enough flexibility with buying, rebuys, add ons and colouring up that I should never be short on chips or not have what I need.

Would anyone suggest making changes to this breakdown, ordering more or less of certain chips? Tina said ordering in multiples of 10 is fine.
I’ve never put my own set together before so any help is really appreciated. I don’t want to invest all this time and money then in six months be unhappy with my breakdown.
Thanks for any input

FYI I’m looking at getting the WSOP tribute card molds from Tina.


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After reviewing this I’m thinking of making a couple of changes.
I was advised to reduce the number of T500 and Tina said they now have a T100k so im going to get 10 of those.

T100 x 200
T500 x 140
T1k x 250
T5k x 150
T25k x 50
T100k x 10

Any input anyone has here would be greatly appreciated. Is this still considered too many T500? Do my other numbers look ok?
As I mentioned, I’ve never put my own chipset together and I really don’t want to regret my breakdown once it’s too late.

And here’s the updated graphic with the 100k chip.


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Why do you need 140 T500s if you only need 120 to play with? You’ll never be using them to color up, do that with bigger chips. Just get 120 of them or 125 if you want a few spares. Then you could go with 205 T100 for the same reason. With the breakdown that includes the T100k you’re looking at having 3mil chips available after the final color up so that should be plenty to cover 20 players with unlimited rebuys and an add on. You could probably do this comfortably with a lot less than 800 but if you want 800 there’s nothing wrong with that.
Thanks for the input.
My thinking with the T500 is each row in the case holds 65 chips. I only need 120 T500 but 2 full rows of chips is 130, then I will have 10 extra spares.
I’m thinking
3 rows of T100 = 195 + 5 spares
2 rows of T500 = 130 + 10 spares
3 rows of T1000 = 195 + 55 spares
2 rows of T5k = 130 + 20 spares
20 T25k chips + 30 spares
10 T100k chips 0 spares
Not having full rows of the same chip in a case bothers me! Lol

If you think I can get away with buying less chips, feel free to suggest a breakdown.

Currently I’d not need more that an amount for a full table. There’s a chance in the future I might need enough for 2 tables but 2 full tables is very unlikely. BUT, if I’m going to the hassle of buying a set then I think it should be able to handle 2 full tables, just in case.

If you like the extras because they look neat in the case and it’s in the budget then just do that. There’s no rules on these things. You probably don’t need the 100k at all but they look awesome and will feel special when they get put into play so I like the idea of having them in the set. You could even go with a 100k plaque if it’s an option to make it even better. I think for 100/500/1000 you really only need starting stacks in your set. You mentioned a 30k rebuy or add on, is there a chance you’ll ever play with an unlimited rebuy period plus an add on? That’s really the only way you’ll need so many chips. If it’s a single rebuy or add on then 200/120/220/40/20 is all you need. Then your color ups can be 16 5k for the 100/500 followed by 4 5k and 8 25k to color up 1k. So 20 players with those starting stacks and a single 30k rebuy or add on would be 200/120/220/60/28, 628 total plus any spares and the optional 100ks.

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