SOLD 60x charcoal solids "fun nite 100"

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Sep 27, 2020
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Cologne, Germany
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Selling these 60x charcoal THC solids - "Fun Nite 100" for

$85 + shipping

This is a dibs sale.
If you want to commit to buying these chips at the listed price, post your intent in this thread following immediatly with a pm to me with your adress to calculate shipping and figuring out the payment details.
"Dibs", "I'll take them" ect. is all fine, just follow up with a pm immediatly.

Payment via PayPal ff or add 3%.

The chips ship from the USA. They're safe and sound at my handsome reshipper, mr @arch3r who is happy to ship them anywhere in the world and bill me accordingly. ;)

I am not a chip grader, so you'll have to assess the condition with the pictures provided. If asked, I'd say most of these chips are in excellent+ condition. If you want more pictures, I'm sure we can convince @arch3r to take some additional ones.

If you need them milled, that can also be arranged.
charcoal fun nite + milled rack.jpg

charcoal fun nite + milled.jpg
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