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Apr 18, 2022
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Anyone construct a 600 chip tournament set they use for a mix of T5/T25/T100? The motivation for mixing them is just that I'm trying to get a custom set and would like the excuse to have a wider variety of denoms... Would be for STT only, and I'd expect to have 6~8 players with a very rare 9 or 10.

I was thinking of

T5/2k - 10/10/7/2 - Starting at 5/10

T5 x100
T25 x100
T100 x75 (5 for color ups)
T500 x25 (5 for color ups)

T25/10k - 12/12/7/5 - Starting at 25/50

T25 x120
T100 x120

T500 x70
T1000 x65 (3 to color up T25, 12 to color up T100)

T100/40k - 10/8/10/5 - Starting at 100/200

T100 x100
T500 x80
T1000 x110
(10 to color up T100)
T5000 x53 (8 to color up T500)

Underlined numbers are the largest of a given denomination. Doing a little rounding to barrels and adding some 5ks for re-buys, I get

T5 x100
T25 x120
T100 x120
T500 x80
T1000 x120
T5000 x60

Does this seem sensible? The only issue is it leaves a limit on re-buys in T40k at 3 (3 rebuys of 8x5000), which is too low. T100s could be run as a no-rebuy tournament, or T20k/T30k with a 100/100 start to make buy-ins smaller. Also T5 and T25 have as many rebuys as they need because of the extra higher denoms for T100.
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Oct 29, 2014
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Use 12/12/5/6 10k stacks for T25-base, and 10/6/11/5 40k stacks for 100-base.

Then the set requires:
100 x T5
120 x T25
120 x T100
60 x T500
120 x T1000
80 x T5000
600 chips

Better starting stacks (only need 5-6x T500s), and more T1000 workhorse chips in play for T25- and T100-base events. You will need smaller starting stacks for the T100-base events if you want to offer more than two re-buys.

Btw, your T100-base count of T5000s needed is incorrect -- for ten players, you will need 50+8=58, not 33. Your original set design allows for zero 40k re-buys.
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