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Aug 13, 2013
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Windsor, ON
I know this is basically a poker chip forum but wondering if I could get advice on moving to 6 max games (online). The community is nicer here than other poker sites where I would just get ripped on for posting something like this.

I have been slipping / breaking even at my FR for a while now, considering a faster pace to keep me focused. That said I'm playing 2NL so it's pretty ABC, I'm around 8bb/100 so not bad but my major leak seems to come from getting card dead and playing looser.

I took a couple shots at 6 max and I'm defiantly out of my element.
Some questions I have:

- starting hands: I kept basically the same chart from FR without the first 3 EP's but with the intent on valuing them more. Is this the general idea?

- pocket pairs pre: At NL2 FR I'm usually looking to play big pots with AA/KK (up to all in pre) where QQ/JJ I would not be willing to go with it facing re-re-raises etc.
Now maybe I was just at crazy tables when I tried 6 max but I noticed people shoving 77+ more than several times. Should my pre calling range start to include JJ+ depending on the opponent?

- Value hands: In FR 2NL I'm basically playing TPTK cautiously, 2 pr cautiously, sets + aggressive (not blind to observing my opponents but generally that's what I do)
In 6 max this must change I'm assuming?

Any other general info would be great.

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