Not Mine 500 new Casino De Isthmus (1 Viewer)

i am surprised, no one bid on this item yet

I'm not. There will definitely be action on it, but there are a couple things working slightly against it.

1. There were a number of CDI rack & 20-stack auctions that just ended on Sunday, so interested parties got part of their fill just a couple days ago. Action on the last day moved the price from about $.80/chip to about $1.30 across the board - all denoms included, save for the $.50 which went for between $.90 and $1.00.
2. You can get a new set built with your preferred breakdown at Apache for just a little bit more than the Buy it Now price, and with the breakdown in the eBay set most people would probably look at that as a dedicated cash game set with limited flexibility for a tourney setup.

All that being said, I'm sure that set will sell with the typical 11th hour flurry of activity, and my guess is that it will finish in the $1.15-1.27/chip range.
Yeah I got a big chunk of that and bought the rest from Apache :)

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Need to find plaques and dealer button now...

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