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Nov 6, 2014
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Looking for a couple racks of either PCA or Aztar 50 centers. I was never really interested in fracts until recently so I can't remember if there were many of these chips even available? I would prefer the Aztars but would ultimately take either of the two.

Fine print: I would need seller to be in MA or not too much further away to meet up as I would like to deal in cash. It's the only way I can keep this obsession under the radar with the boss. :cool:

Photos taken from eBay.


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The Aztar photo above is mine... I have around 10 of those. I can deal in cash if you are willing to mail it. I'm in California. Additionally, I have about 70 of casino used PCAs. If you are okay mailing cash for those, I am willing to receive it. PM me for details... I will sell for fair market value.
Thank you Shaggy. I am definitely interested in the Aztars and want to give it a few days to see if anyone else has any of these first. Then I may scoop up your PCAs if still available and no other Aztars become available. I will PM you shortly.
I have a rack of PCA 50¢ in surplus. They are slightly used to near new condition, most of them feel and look new. I get your predicament, you could mail someone the cash, but how are you going to explain the package that gets shipped to your house? haha, your call. Let me know if you are interested.
Thanks King. Yeah it's a constant hurdle I have to deal with. I've been pretty lucky with having got some of my collection from CT JM who lives nearby. I will think about the shipment issue and might risk the package going to my work. I would hate to lose cash in the mail though. I would love to grab the PCAs. Hmmm what to do. Give me a day or so and i will PM you?
I just did a trade with KingZilla. Perfect transaction. He's one of the good guys!
Thanks Doctor. Yeah I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable sending cash to just anyone so that's good to hear. :) Not that I wouldn't trust someone in good standing from this forum.
So I have tracked down a little over a rack and a half of the PCAs but could always use some more. I have cash burning a hole in my pocket so feel free to let me know if you have any of these available.
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