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Not Mine 400 Paulson chips inside (1 Viewer)

Pretty sure they're not Paulson's, as they never would have sold blanks like that. Some errors have been found, and there were some diamond molds found without inlays... but that's it.

Its a really nice case though!
Looks like just the hats mold, no canes.
Yup... Listed as MD-75 http://www.antiquegamblingchips.com/molddesign_manmade.htm

Here's some real Paulson blanks:
blank 2.jpgblank-scan.jpg

Here's what's included in the auction:
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Yeah I seen them before when they were at the high buy it now price. The corner of one pic shows the face of a white chip, and you see they are the square hat only mold, complete with injection pip inside the hat.


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I have "sands" set very similar. Nice box. Hat no cane plastic chip but to be honest not a bad plastic chip. Feels pretty nice, stacks well and sounds good splashed. Very playable chip but not a Paulson
They are a better than average plastic chip... Heavy and flat. The ones I acquired when I was buying a storage box show some discoloration but my grandson can stack them pretty high... I prefer that he play with them rather than the Paulsons so I leave them in his very own "spinning" chip holder. We have used them on family night "I bet two blue ones" poker.
I bought a set like that, chips are plastic. I bought it for the Riviera case. Got it pretty cheap too. I put in the 5 dollar bid. Sad to see prices go so high, but I would have bid higher on this one back in the day, before I got it. If you want to build a Riviera set, this is the case to get, but it won't hold a lot of chips.

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