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Not Mine 400 MD-46 Rectangles Mold Burt Co Monograms (1 Viewer)


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Jul 25, 2020
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"Antique Vintage Poker Chip set with Caddy and Lock Storage Box WWI" (note the title says WWI but the description says WW2; WWI is surely wrong but I wouldn't bet on WW2 either)

From the pictures these appear to be Burt Co chips on the MD-46 Rectangles mold. Both the mold impression and the monogram letter style match the sample on Robert E's page. http://www.antiquegamblingchips.com/molddesign_geometric.htm

RECTANGLES (RECTL), 19 -- 19 rectangles (look like DASHES to me, but collectors have been calling it RECTANGLES) that stand out in relief. 1940's-1960. Not much is known about this mold and not seen very often, but recently (November 2003) Terry Shaffer found a box of chips with this mold from Langworthy and Co., Detroit, Michigan (later they moved to Las Vegas). The printing on the box matched the chips, so we know at least this one distributor of these chips.

Looks like approximately 200 white, 100 red, 100 blue. $200 BIN plus shipping. This would be a nice pickup for someone interested in older Burt Co chips. The case is kinda cool too. The distribution isn't ideal for modern poker games but if you show some adaptability you could make it work for your game.
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