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4 of a Kind
Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
Playing Omaha Hi/Lo. $0.25-$0.50, $0.50-$3.00 spread limit. We are nine handed. This is a loose, L O O S E, table. Mostly filled with loose, passive, weak players. There is a football game showing making the table ultra distracted.

Cast of characters:

Mostly every one will call with anything but they have their limits (not much, but some.) Villain is a capable LAG who is one of the top winning players in the game.

Stack sizing does not matter due to the betting format. Everyone could pay the max bet each round for this hand.

The Hand:

Villain sitting UTG limps for $0.50, two calls, Hero raises to $3 with :as: :2c: :4s: :6d:.

Four more calls plus one fold brings us back to villain who makes it $6. One call, one fold.

Action on Hero, call or 4-bet? For what it is worth two of the four players after hero are calling the $3 from Villain. I'd guess several would fold to a cold $6 but everyone is going to call $3 since they already called $3 from Hero.

I'd guess several would fold to a cold $6 but everyone is going to call $3 since they already called $3 from Hero.

easy flat imo based on this. one of the strengths of your hand is your ability to freeroll people with worse flushes, straights, and lows. if a dynamic existed where many people would see the flop for basically any bet but most play fit or fold, i would say 4-bet, but if they're jumping before you can set the hook, keep them in to see the first three with hands that can get scooped.
If the people who are in are the types who might call your initial raise with Ax-2x-Xx-Xx AND they're capable of folding it to a 4-bet, it might be worth a raise here, as you could drop the cost of splitting a nut low.
I would say the opposite is the case. If you 4 bet you are never losing the players with A2 that you chop with and you are folding all the players who you probably beat but you want to come along.

The nice thing about a flush draw is that you can never chop a flush so better to flat and keep as many as you can in the pot. You conserve money and maximise players if you get quartered and maximise players if you 3/4 or scoop. Other than the flush your hand is weak for more than the low. Bonus is that you keep as many players as you can btwn yourself and the 3 bettor so if you do flop something good, you will get more players calling for one bet if you bet out and maybe trap them for another if the 3 bettor raises again.
In my field, the hand that folds to the four bet is something like :2d: :8d: :js: :kh: No one is folding any hand with A2 in it - ever.

*** Results ***

Hero elects to flat. The whole field calls.

Post flop is natural, if unfortuante.

Board < :8s: :5d: :td: > :9s: :8h:

Hero ends up with nothing but missed draws, appearently so does Villain.

Winning hand is :3s: :4c: :9h: :9c: (yes, he did call two bets on the flop with this hand)
2nd place loser shows :jc: :qc: x x

Its a good game


PS no one mentioned this, but Hero was also mindful that four low cards are often up against A2 {pair} or some other type of hand with A2 and a better high potential. Hero really doesn't want to isolate, his hand plays far better multiway now that it is quite likely that A2 is chopping if it makes a low.
Damn missed it. I'm in the flat preflop camp as well, I don't want to push out the types of hands that are likely to pay us off. And with our nut flush potential I want as many potential payers in the pot as possible.

The 99xx hand reminds me of MANY years ago, my worst beats ever playing online. Two days in a row I raise pre with AAxx (suited, low, broadway straight potential) and both days I get called by guys holding 99xx and 77xx. both days by the turn I have the nut full house AND a low redraw, and both days I'm up against quads and don't hit my low. So sick, I took 2 weeks off of poker after that, and might've smashed the shit out of one of our cats scratching posts.

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