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Not Mine 3 Binions wsop (1 Viewer)


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Aug 7, 2018
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I know they have been flooding the market lately but all 3 paulson wsop chips and 1 $5000 chocolate chip! I don't think that's a bad deal! Go get em!
Some nice history with those $5000. Here is a good read on some of their history
Interesting history. Re: the $5k's rarity, they are much more available now vs. when he wrote that article seven years ago. I have one in uncirc condition and I didn't pay all that much for it on eBay. Don't even think it was triple digits.
@Psypher1000 I agree the article is aged. The chips however last I seen one go at auction some months back went to almost almost $40. I know the price of the wsop have currently went down because all the amount that recently just hit. But I think at $16.25/ chip is good price for anyone who doesn't have them and are looking to add them to their collection
At the bottom of that page, there is a link to Steve Miller's article(s). I read that story awhile back and it gives more detail on how Bob Stupak tried to cash $5k chips and why. The chip is not rare and Business101 has been selling for a long time, though <$20 is a great price. I have at least a barrel of them.
They go for $35-75 on eBay depending on who wants it that Sunday. I bought mine for $45 last week just so I didn’t have to deal with the auctions.

I bought mine from the person listing these and it was uncirculated near mint.

There are at least 4,000 but probably much more in existence but who knows if all of them or how many made it out alive.
Yes @gmunny is correct they aren't as rare as the article states. I didn't reread the article prior to posting it. I just knew that the article talked about the history of it. That's why I attached it.

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