25 cent chip for Bud Jones set. (1 Viewer)


Sitting Out
Apr 6, 2013
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Looking for a 25 cent chip to go with Bud Jones chips from the Borgata. Any ideas?
Tant is my buddy from Philly. He is on his way over here now, then we are heading to AC for a few hours. He wants to harvest chips from the Borgata (his favorite place) to make a playable cash set. It's actually not a bad idea, I may do the same if I win a few bucks. :) I will show him those chips you linked too.

I think 2 racks of $1's, 90 x $5s and either 10 x $10 chips or 10 x $25 chips would make a nice set on top of getting custom quarters. Then when your tired of them, you just cash them back in!
You should show him Kadrik's epic live bellagio set:


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