Cancelled (247) mint CPCs ready for relabeling (price reduced 12/1!)

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Jan 25, 2017
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This requires further explanation to some, so please read on.

Due to repeat carrier fuckup, many of my Club Hel chips were turned into spinners during transport to me. CPC promptly agreed to remake them. The FDLs were technically not spinners, but rejects nonetheless: their inlay did not completely stick to the clay, they were already protruding and you could easily pull them out without using any tools. I received enough bonus chips to cover these as well.

They didn't want the spinners back, I have no use for them, and they're taking up space here. But throwing them away would be an absolute waste in my eyes. After all, the clay itself is perfectly okay - it's just the inlays that were faulty. You could easily put @Gear labels on them.

I was in a moral dilemma as I essentially got these for free, but the alternatives to selling them are likely to yield results I would not appreciate:

  • Giving them away for free via classifieds: Probably some 24/7 online degenerate would snatch them up immediately, then later once he turns his brain back on realizes he has no real use for them and then decides to flip.
  • Providing them in a site giveaway: This would only change that not the fastest guy gets them, but some completely random guy that might not even have any plans of using them.

Selling them for a fair price should weed out a lot of that and mostly only leave people with a genuine interest of putting them to use. That's what I am looking for: that these chips don't rot in my cabinet for decades, that they don't end up in a landfill, but in the hands of a chipper who knows how to and does make good use of them.

However, selling did not feel quite right to me in a moral sense in regards to CPC (even though it wasn't my fault that those chips got ruined).

What I came up with to solve this dilemma is that I've offered CPC half the profit if these chips sell.

Now that you know the back story, here's the specifications!

CPC HCE mold:
  • (42) Blue 3DSA18 Dayglo Green, Dayglo Peacock: round 7/8" inlay recess
  • (124) Gray 4DSA18 Charcoal, Black: round 7/8" inlay recess
  • (49) Red 3D14 Dayglo Arc Yellow, Dayglo Tiger: scallop shaped inlay recess
  • (5) Dark Green 4D14 Dayglo Green, Green: cog shaped inlay recess
  • (3) Black 6A18 Dayglo Saturn, Dayglo Orange: tri-moon shaped inlay recess
  • (6) Blurple 6DSA18 Dayglo Arc Yellow, Dayglo Peacock: tri-moon shaped inlay recess
  • (1) Yellow 2V12212 Dayglo Saturn, Butterscotch, Dayglo Orange: cog shaped inlay recess
  • (1) Black 3TA316 Light Green, Green, Retro Green: round 7/8" inlay recess
  • (9) Butterscotch 314 Chocolate: round 7/8" inlay recess

CPC FDL mold:
  • (1) Dayglo Pink 8A14 Dayglo Saturn, Dayglo Green: round 1 1/16" inlay recess
  • (1) Canary 4A14 Light Green, Dayglo Orange: round 1 1/16" inlay recess
  • (2) Red 4A14 Dayglo Peach, Dayglo Yellow: round 1 1/16" inlay recess
  • (1) Dayglo Pink 3D14 Light Green, Butterscotch: round 1 1/16" inlay recess
  • (2) Dayglo Arc Yellow 4DSA316 Retro Red, Chocolate: round 1 1/16" inlay recess

These chips were originally made with inlays which I have already removed; there is a recess in them that is deep enough to take up glossy thick vinyl labels (and of course thinner ones as well) from @Gear easily. As far as I know, he can also do shaped labels. He has done tons and tons of jobs already to have perfect fit measures of probably any chip you can imagine, plus a load of color matching experience. I've had him do FDL 1 1/16" labels for me and the fit was great. I included a photo of the chips with their original inlay still on to give you some inspiration what looks you could achieve with labels on them.

None of them have ever been in play, they are minty. Many of them are still factory-dusty. A couple have been oiled, but way over a year has passed since, so it has long dried.

The HCE blue, gray, red, dark green and black chips could make for a nice heads up or three-player 25c/50c cash set, while the odd other designs could be turned into luck charms/card guards, the nine butterscotch ones perhaps converted to "show me" or seating chips.

Price: €220 (~$240) plus shipping, PayPal F&F.
(Germany: €6, UK and most of EU: €16, USA: €37, CA: €38, AU: €46. If your country is not listed and you want to know how much it would be, you can either check DHL's website - package weight is ~3kg - or shoot me a PM with your country and I'll look it up.)
You can also pay via PayPal Goods&Services if you like, if you're willing to cover the fees - add a percentage to the total amount in that case, depending on where you live - Germany: 3%, other EU/USA/CA: 5%, rest of world: 6%.

Please note: I will only sell this as a single package; there will be no splits. But of course you're free to make a deal that person A is buying the whole lot, then sells a portion of it to persons B and C.

You can calculate CPC's per-chip prices yourself if you like, but be advised that I have significantly discounted them. They're 63% off vs. CPC prices, you'll pay under $1 per chip. Even after considering the cost for new labels, they're still about 59% off.

Note: Pictured racks not included. They would get damaged during transport anyway. I will pack them in original CPC cardboard boxes and cushion those with lots of padding material to ensure that they take no beating during transport.


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Nov 22, 2018
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Nope, removing the inlays beforehand was deliberate.
I want anything that is done with these chips to be easily distinguishable from my "originals".
Understood, makes sense. I might just have to attend a game in Germany and make a large donation in exchange for a sample of one of those awesome sets!
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