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Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
First game in December is the Christmas poker game. A time for fun and frivolity with a healthy dose of gamble mixed in. Santa brings a big bag of goodies and gives a gift to any player winning a pot with a red king in his/her hand. The prizes are mostly worth $2 - $10. The other players sometimes bring a few extra gifts to stuff Santa's big bag past full. We ended up with ~35 gifts, more sweets than anything else, but also scratch off tickets, toys and holiday gifts. As the night goes on we might add a red queen to the winning hand requirements. The goal is to be out of gifts by midnight.

My Outpost set is in play. For tonight we play with the red & green Pacheco five dollar chip - my Christmas fives. The game turns wild immediately - I find it remarkable that the players seriously chase after a $5 gift chance risking $25 to do so. The don't easily give credit to people's big bets either. Everyone betting must be trying to steal the pot with a red king in hand so they can win a box of jelly beans. The game is a $0.25/$0.50 event with a $20 buy in. We end up with $1,000 on the table or fifty buy-ins for eleven players.

And in the end, people seem happy enough with a money losing night if they have a few Santa gifts to show for their efforts. Well that and the home cooked meal my wife and I provide. Mexican bow tie pasta, special queso, a plate of lemon bars plus sodas and snacks. Yum YUM!

I burned through four buy-ins the first 30 minutes as my big preflop hands melt under the pressure of hands like 52s, KQo and similar villain hands. In the end math proves to be my friend plus my lucky 93s racks in a big pot with a winning pair of threes.

A good time was had by all -=- DrStrange

PS Santa gave me two gifts - a giant roll of smarty's and a bag of Geraldine's key lime mints.
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