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Feb 19, 2018
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Collegeville, PA
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200 Excellent condition, Elephant and Crown hotstamps up for auction. Had plans for these, but alas, I’m divorcing/ moving and I don’t have the luxury of things like “projects”. At least not for a little while... lol.

The yellow alone are worth far more than the starting price of this auction.
64 yellow
33 orange
22 red
33 black
30 purple
18 grey

  1. STARTING BID: $20
  2. Bids must be placed using numbers (no images), in whole dollars, and in minimum increments of $1
  3. NO RESERVE. The Starting Bid of this auction will be treated as the Reserve Price.
  4. All bids are to be placed openly in this thread. No bids via PM/Conversation.
  5. No bid edits or bid retractions permitted. (note: ALL edits are logged instantly)
  6. Auction will use the '5 minutes after last closing bid rule'. Highest bid at 8 pm, EDT, Tuesday, May 5, will win unless there is a bid within 5 minutes of closing time - then the closing time will be within 5 minutes after the latest bid was posted. A bid at the close time is NOT a valid bid. Since seconds are not displayed on post timestamps, these exampleswill be used as a reference.
  7. I reserve the right to: 1) cancel the auction if no bids have been made; 2) edit the listing to correct errors or clarify rules as needed.
  8. PCF (its Owner, Admins, and Moderators) are in no way responsible for any actions in this auction.
  9. Shipping Terms: Buyer pays actual cost of shipping. Domestically, should be around $10. Internationally???
  10. Payment Terms: PayPal F+F or buyer pays the fees.
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new member here. would like info on elephant and crown chips. are they plastic or clay?

Hey there... more important fact is that they are "compression molded" clay. Just like Paulsons. So yes, these are legit. Whereas "China clays" are injection molded composite with a very minute amount of "clay", but China clays are at least not slug weighted.
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