20 PNY $1000 - NEW - Auction Ends Monday May 25th at 5pm California Time (2 Viewers)

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Nov 1, 2014
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Orange California
  • STARTING BID: [ $600 ]
  • Bids must be placed using numbers (no images), in whole dollars, and in minimum increments of [ $5 ]
  • NO RESERVE. The Starting Bid of this auction will be treated as the Reserve Price.
  • All bids are to be placed openly in this thread. No bids via PM/Conversation.
  • No bid edits or bid retractions permitted. (note: ALL edits are logged instantly)
  • Auction will use the '5 minutes after last closing bid rule'. Highest bid at [ 5pm California on Monday May 25th ]will win unless there is a bid within 5 minutes of closing time - then the closing time will be within 5 minutes after the latest bid was posted. A bid at the close time is NOT a valid bid. Since seconds are not displayed on post timestamps, these exampleswill be used as a reference.
  • I reserve the right to: 1) cancel the auction if no bids have been made; 2) edit the listing to correct errors or clarify rules as needed.
  • PCF (its Owner, Admins, and Moderators) are in no way responsible for any actions in this auction.
  • Shipping Terms: [ $8 in USA - $37 Int’l ]
  • Payment Terms: [ PayPal friends and family ]

  • 1 BARREL (20 Chips) of PNY $1000 chips in new condition - 43MM
    these are from my personal set
  • I have additional barrels and the winning bid has first right to buy them at the auction price.

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What makes these chips so desirable?

It might be best if someone else answered that question as I am biased for two reasons. 1) This is probably my favorite $1000 chip ever! 2) is obvious :)

They have a very robust sound and the coloring is very classy in my opinion.

This is the Highest Denomination of the President New Yorker (PNY) set.
It is a New York themed set with each inlay having a different image from NY. This Chips inlay is an image of the golden statue from the Rockefeller Center.
These are very rare and hard to come by. You would probably not have a need for these unless your had a full set and were looking to add on but they would make a great addition to any mixed casino set.
What makes these chips so desirable?

PNYs were one of the few chip sets available in completely mint condition AND with enough denominations to make t10k tourney sets. These 1ks are 43mm (which were a lot more rare prior to all the GB chips) and only 1500 were made. All that plus the nice colors/spots make them desirable for those who like the PNY design/style.

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