For Sale 1k+ China Clay Pharaoh chips

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Apr 25, 2013
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I recently bought a set of long sought after China Clay Pharaoh chips. I've liked these chips from a long time ago and finally found someone who was willing to sell their set, but now I've had a change of heart and want to buy a different set so it's time to sell these so that I can buy the new one. Certain marriage constraints won't allow me to keep them both... ie. the wife will go on a rampage.

So without further adieu... 1040 chips -- $320.

250 x $25
290 x $100
250 x $500
200 x $1000
50 x $5000
3 Pharaoh buttons

I never even got a chance to use them. No racks, just in chips boxes. I will ship them the most economical way possible. I'm located in Canada, but if they're going to the USA, then I will do my best to ship them from over the border. Buyer pays shipping.

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