18th Annual New Year’s Day Poker Championship


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Jul 7, 2015
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Salina, KS
On Wednesday, January 1, we will hold our 18th annual New Year’s Day Poker Championship and cash game. It will be located at my buddy’s shop in Salina, KS. Salina is located at the junction of I-70 and I-135, near the center of the state.

We play there once or twice per week. We normally have about four tables for the New Year's event. Always a juicy cash game after the tournament. Since this is a weeknight, we usually shut things down around midnight.

Any PCF member in good standing is welcome to attend. I understand we are in fly-over country and it is in the middle of a work week, but if can get away we would love to have you. A copy of the tournament flyer can be viewed here. I do have one spare bedroom available, plus an air mattress could be used in my office. If you would to make the trip let me know so I can lock up a seat for you.

Tournament details:
  • No-Limit Texas Hold’em with unlimited re-entries for three levels. All levels will be 30 minutes. This is a longer format tournament with 30 minute levels that should conclude at approximately 10:00 PM, depending on the number of entries. There will be no antes.
  • Tournament buy-in will be $100 for 10,000 in tournament chips. Players buying-in no later than 12:50 PM on the day of the tournament will receive a bonus of 2,000 in tournament chips (12,000 chips total). Players buying in after 12:50 PM will receive 10,000 in tournament chips. No late buy-ins after the break at the end of level three (approximately 2:45 PM).
  • Players may re-enter during the first three levels for an additional buy-in of $100 for an additional 10,000 in tournament chips. No add-ons.
  • Cash game will be $1/2 no limit dealers choice. We usually only play NLHE, Omaha 8, Big O and Crazy Pineapple. Omaha 8 gets the most play. Very few players will know how to play the other circus games common at PCF meetups.
Hope you can attend.

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