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SOLD 1175 Brand New/Mint ARIA'S Tournament Chips (CONUS ONLY) (1 Viewer)

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Dec 14, 2020
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Minnesota, USA
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1175 Brand New/Mint ARIA'S Tournament Chips (CONUS ONLY) = $600 for all 1175 Chips + FREE SHIPPING!
I was part of Aria's Tribute Cards Mold Group Buy #3 which started on Sept 5, 2021. Chips were delivered on New Years Eve Day so Start to finish it was basically a 4 month process. Most of them are still in rolls of 25 and still in the plastic wrapping that they came in. Unfortunately my box got broken during re-shipping and a few chips were lost so these #'s are not exactly what I ordered, but I found a few more here on PCF m2m and since there were not all that many lost the breakdown is still excellent. None have been felted and since I am making a Custom Tournament Set, this one is extra. If I wasn't doing the Tournament Set or I was on a bit more of a budget, this would be my choice for sure. These chips are just stunning and for the money can not be beat!

Denomination Breakdown:
ARIA'S T 25 = 275
ARIA'S T 100 = 225
ARIA'S T 500 = 150
ARIA'S T 1,000 = 325
ARIA'S T 5,000 = 175
ARIA'S T 25,000 = 25

Entire Lot (1175 chips) = $600 Free Shipping!
I am hoping that they sell to 1 lucky buyer, but if they wind up getting split then they are going to be 50¢/chip + Shipping & I won't sell any less than a total of 100 chips to a single buyer as shipping just too costly.
*****Racks NOT included in this sale*****

Go ahead and post dibs & then PM me. I will honor dibs, but only if you follow up in a reasonable time with a pm and make quick payment. I am going to give priority to anyone buying the entire 1175 chips for the first few hours and then, if necessary, will open it up to splitting the set. I would rather not split multiple ways too so if there are 2 or maybe 3 people that want to split it, priority is going to go to them for at least a day or two.

All payments are to be made PP F&F or add 4% plus S&H. Check my feedback. I have 100% positive feedback with many, many transactions. There are lots here that will vouch for me so I still feel PP FF is the way to go, but if that makes you nervous feel free to pay for the extra piece of mind by using the PP Items and Services option.

All chips will be shipped USPS Priority Mail
ONLY SELLING TO THE USA no International Shipping right now
Prices for shipping are as follows unless otherwise agreed upon:
All 1175 Chips = FREE SHIPPING in 2 mfrb
1 Rack = usps sfrb =$9
2 Racks up to 7 Racks = mfrb = $16

I will ship the chips out the next business day and everything will be packed securely so there is no chance of anything getting damaged.

*P.S If you make original dibs on chips then pull back on some of the chips I reserve the right to cancel all dibs you have made*
*If you call DIBS please make sure you want the chips thank you*

Thanks for looking,

On to the Pictures:

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