Not Mine 1100 Paulson Fan of Cards (dimes through $5) for $1250 shipped (1 Viewer)

Are Paulson FoC's that rare?
Right now it looks like its about $1.14 a chip.

About a month ago i bought a Paulson-BCC mixed FoC set of 500 chips for $300.
Did i just get lucky?

Im trying to figure out if its a good buy, to add to my current, smaller set. Haha
anything south of 1.25 a chip is a pretty good deal for Paulsons, especially in a playable set.
The BCC non-spotted versions have typically sold for around 50c each. Until recently, the Paulson versions were usually around 75c.
I've always been curious - did the Paulson/BCC version of these come out first, or did they actually copy the inlay design off all those 11.5g official casino weight plastic slugged chips? Those sluggos were actually my first chip set, back before I knew better :)
I think the Paulson inlay version was first (back in the day), then copied by every Chinese chip designer that ever lived. The BCC clones came later, with the altered fan spread inlay.....
I've always been tempted to try to get some Fan of Cards fracs to go with the Ace's Casino chips. Seems like they would go well.
spotted BCC FoC chips?

Those spotted FOC are hot. Never saw those before.

How do your BCCs compare to the Paulsons? I had some of both a while back and the BCCs were rather slippery and a pain to keep stacked.
The BCCs are definitely lighter, weight wise, than the Paulsons, about a gram i think?
Also, for solids, the Paulsons colors are also brighter and "pop" more than the BCCs.

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