10NL Blitz on ACR: Anyone not folding flop here? (1 Viewer)


Sep 5, 2017
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Boston, MA USA
LJ RFI 1.5BB, SB calls, Hero calls.


Hero is liking this flop. SB X, Hero X, LJ bets 3.7BB and then SB raises to 11.1BB.
I was really liking the flop and thinking about raising but when the SB X/R I believe that I'm behind a set or 2 pair, or both and dont have FE with the SB.
I cant call here with the LJ behind and I can raise into what looks like a very strong hand and none of my draws are to the nuts.
I folded. Thoughts?

SPR ~15. Three-way action. Top pair hands shouldn't stack off, at least better players are not likely to do so.

That flop favors preflop raiser's hand. Pretty standard check - check - cbet. Check raise by small blind is a bit alarming but doesn't promise a monster as much as test the resolve of the Cbettor. Hero is an empty chair at the moment. No one has any reason to expect anything but a fold from BB.

There are plenty of prospective disaster hands for Hero to be facing such as superior flush draws - AQs, AJs, QJs are clearly plausible. Ax suited is a bit less likely but still possible. I don't fear AT as it is merely a stand-alone gutter plus over card. That hand shouldn't be in the mix.

Even so, this is near the top of the possible flops - Flush plus gut shot straight draws. The price is a little rich, but the implied odds are attractive. Reverse implied odds are a concern. Same thing with redraws and the jack of clubs on the turn. Also there is a worry that Hero's check / call line might disclose a lot about his range making the implied odds lower and the reverse implied odds a bit worse.

I think I am going to peal a turn card. Revisit this situation if there is a three-bet No fist pumping yet.
And Snowie definitely folds. This was a TAG session for me as I was playing a 9-handed PokerBros table at the same time. Need to run some ACR Blitz to cut the boredom! So no gambol! Just "what would @Legend5555 do?"

Online poker ...... This is one reason why I hate it. That bet of 11.1 only makes sense to me if an AI is saying "bet this amount". Would someone intentionally bet 11.1 here or would an unassisted human just click pot (11.2)? Something about this stinks .............

Now, what hands makes sense here? If they had KK or JJ surely they raise preflop instead of just call ........ If they had the better draw (AQ club) why not just call and get a cheap card for the draw ....... 33 makes sense here but not with that raise to 11.1, they would certainly raise but are just pot building so they might raise to 8.5 or 9 .......... I could be wrong here but I honestly think you are against KJ. KJ would call preflop, and would definitely want to bet out the draws here. With 2 cards to go you are a 3-2 dog. I fold here, but I also understand if someone wants to call. I play a little too tight to make this call, but I know quite a few people who would.

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