SOLD 1000 SIDEPOT NEOPHYTE Chips - $150 shipped SOLD

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Mar 10, 2017
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1000 SIDEPOT NEOPHYTE Chips - $150 shipped SOLD

Qty: 1000 - No Splits

.25 = 175 (yellow)
.50 = 100 (blue)
$1 = 195 (white)
$5 = 300 (red)
$25 = 150 (green)
$100 = 100 (black)
$500 = 50 (purple)

I had my fun scavenging for these on wants ads. Time to release. Unique slugged chips that have screen printing on the faces. These are not inlays or labels. The feel is somewhat chalky and not slippery as plastic chips or ceramic. This is probably a step up from dice chips since they have denominations on them and great for a new chipper. Used condition.

These are heavy and I will ship them in 2 USPS Flat rate boxes. 1 box might be too heavy and will probably get banged around in transit. No racks included. These will be placed in ziplock bags and boxed. Nothing fancy at this price.

$150 PPFF shipped.
CONUS only.

Sidepot Neophyte 1.jpg

Sidepot Neophyte 2.jpg
Sidepot Neophyte 3.jpg
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