Not Mine 1000 Grand Havana Casio - Seller is unloading his collection (1 Viewer)

Good seller. I offered 40 cents each, which is pretty much my max for chipcos. He said he bought them for $1 each and would likely keep them if the market was around my offer price.
Funny, I had just been thinking that the 90 cents apiece opening bid is probably exactly what he paid for them brandy new.
I guess everything's worth what people are willing to pay, but my goodness, when Jim was unloading his leftover Lady Lucks and Isles as a mixed set, he was selling mint Paulsons for $1.20 apiece. vs .90 for used Chipcos? GLWS brother.
I know the feeling. I orignaly got into chips with MardiGras Queens Chipcos.
I LOVED those chips but ended up selling my pretty substantial set later on for a loss.

I wonder where all those chips went? There werent ALOT but they were some of the
niceset chipcos around.
Not commenting on the price but.........
everyone seems to be saying these are used Chipco's. Looking at the pictures and description they look "close to new" & don't show hardly any wear at all. I would guess not much if any felt time. Pretty close to new/old stock.

I'm waiting to see what other parts of his collection are gonna be unloaded.

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