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Aug 2, 2015
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I'm excited to introduce 7 new colors to my formal design premium cut card line. For a limited time I'm offering all formal design cut cards for $1 with a minimum order of 10 cards. You may order additional cards for $1 each. Shipping is a flat $3.99 regardless of size order.

For those of you unfamiliar with premium plastic cut cards, they are 24mil, come in bridge or poker size and are very flexible with a high gloss coat.

New colors:
Black and white, Teal, Burgundy, Orange, Rainbow, Hot Pink and Mocha.
Original colors:
Black, White, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Purple.

You can order by posting in this thread or sending me a pm.
To simplify shipping all orders should be sent goods and services and will ship to your paypal address on file. If you need them shipped to another address, just send me a pm.

Thanks for looking!


You can use this template to make your order easier.

1. Formal Mocha Bridge​
2. Formal Orange Bridge​
3. Formal Hot Pink Bridge​
4. Formal Burgundy Bridge​
5. Formal Rainbow Bridge​
6. Formal Black/White Bridge​
7. Formal Black Bridge​
8. Formal Green Bridge​
9. Formal Red Bridge​
10. Formal Yellow Bridge​
11. Formal Blue Bridge​
12. Formal Purple Bridge​
13. Formal Teal Bridge​
14. Formal Mocha Poker​
15. Formal Orange Poker​
16. Formal Hot Pink Poker​
17. Formal Burgundy Poker​
18. Formal Rainbow Poker​
19. Formal Black/White Poker​
20. Formal Black Poker​
21. Formal Green Poker​
22. Formal Red Poker​
23. Formal Yellow Poker​
24. Formal Blue Poker​
25. Formal Purple Poker​
26. Formal Teal Poker
27. Formal White Poker
28. Formal White Bridge​
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