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Found 1 Rack Jack 5's (1 Viewer)

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Jun 1, 2015
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LaVista, NE
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I have these extra stacks of these.....


I would like to trade for 100 of these....

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This isn't good. I was hoping to resume a search for 1 last rack of these in a couple months. :tdown:

Sad to see the Jack $5 well has dried up. I honestly figured I'd see your ad disappear in a day or two max.:(
Your search will only end in tragedy. May as well sell me what you have now and spare the future disappointment.
I'll not make the same mistake twice. I had 2 mint racks of these. It was a HUGE mistake to sell them. I regret it everyday. Didn't even make sense to sell them. I wasn't thinking clearly. I have managed to scrape back 140 of them. They're absolutely mine mine mine!!!

The good news is, you are now first in line for refusal rights if I do get stupid and go to sell them:)
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