For Sale $1 Crystal Park Chips -- a bunch of them! (1 Viewer)

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Apr 3, 2013
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Pacific NW
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627 Chips left.
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ALL are $1 denomination. Are decent shape. Nothing horrible, but not mint -- nobody has every complained on the CP chips I've sold so far.

$1 per chip

UPDATE (1/7/15): Only 300 left -- will toss in an extra 5 chips with each 100 sold.

So if you buy 100, you actually get 105

If you buy 200, you get 210 + 2 FREE Chipco Racks

If you buy the remainng 300, get 15 extra FREE + 3 racks FREE!

SOLD IN lots of 100

Shipping: USPS prepaid -- small for 100 chips (can't fit Chipco rack sorry). 200 or more goes into a Medium box + the Chipco Racks.

Paypal -- prefer ya use that method where there are no fees, but if you are not comfortable with that, I take no offense, but we'll need to figure out the cost of that.

Thanks for looking
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Hook me up with 200 (and 8 if you are serious about the 4 per 100 thing.) PM on its way.
I'm REALLY sorry for the international folks -- at this point I don't plan on shipping out of the States. Again, my sincere apologies.

...and thanks Dave for the nod.
Updated totals left...not much! Thanks to the very nice buyers I've been working with.
I had pm'ed UW several weeks ago. He told me they were sold out.
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