SOLD 05 CDIs $25 chip qty. 98 (1 Viewer)

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May 20, 2019
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Finksburg, maryland USA
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Freshly washed and oiled, rather than looking for the last 2 chips when it's an extra rack I will let it go. As the title says (98) 05 $25 chips in absolute amazing condition. Asking $2.50 per chip, so the total would be $240 plus $8 shipping Paypal F+F post here before PM please!


Probably taking a bit of a hit here but I bought some for $2.25 and some for $3 so that's about fair.

Fellow Chipper Ben
These are beautiful, wish I needed more $25's! Let me know if you have an extra rack of those $5's kicking around ;)
Just such a rarity to see an @Ben8257 sales ad, especially 05 CDIs.

GLWS! Just beautiful chips. Tempted to start a small set.
Not hurting the set brother!! I promise you I have plenty!! Pictures of the monster set coming real soon!!! Found a rare frack of chips that I need to fund, so some chips gotta go!!
One last little bumpy!! If an even 100 would make a buyer happy I will sell (100) for $250 plus shipping. If everyone has what they need these can stay!! Tomorrow I will just mark it as cancelled and see if I can trade it for Some of my other wants.

Thanks for looking one last time yall!!

Fellow Chipper Ben
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