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Not Mine “Jesus Christ, that’s an awesome chip” (1 Viewer)

In order to ba a successful Chip Board user you must do the following...
1) you must be an absolute computer wiz, or own an original 1982 commodore 64... Brie has zero issues by I have tried with a phone, iPad, Mac Book Pro 2019 and yet to find a way to navigate that site... I strongly suggest the 64 route... but if you find another way... mad props to ya!!

2) become a CCGTCxyzthwxys member... (if you are not a member they won't play ball)

3) these gentlemen are older and have been collecting together since dinos ruled the earth... being as nice as possible doesn't cut it!! You need a female Identity... or a smoking hot 25 year old girlfriend that is obsessed with chips as much as you are... I understand this is though to accomplish and these guys will see right through a fake female account! Consider the real deal... yes I am suggesting a sex change here... I know its extreme but how far would you go to get the chips you need.

4) you have to play by their rules... some only accept a check and refuse to open a paypal account. Some are extremely grumpy and say they sent invoices that never actually make it... just apologize and square up on debts as quickly as possible.

5) once you are accepted into the clique, share as many strange weird sexually driven stories you can find off the internet... I have no idea what this has to do with a chipping site. But Brie has shown me some of the post there that are truly disturbing and again have absolutely nothing at all to do with chipping, but yet they are posted there quite regularly.

6) bring something to contribute!!! Look at it from their prospective... they don't want noobs running in and buying up their stock! They have spent years finding their chips (all singles collectors much different than our mind set here) they not only want to sell but also find chips that they need obviously... running in there guns blazing hey I need everything on this list. As many as you have! That's going to get zero responses. List some harder to find singles that aren't helping any of your sets and get established before pushing for help from these guys.

7) 2nd most important to becoming a CCGT member is you have to appear as a singles collector!!! These guys dont like set collectors at all!!! I even herd someone went to the convention and asked a vendor if he had anymore of a particular chip... the vendor said you're a PCF member aren't you??? Follwed by I'm not interested in selling you any of my chips! Sad I agree, we are all in this hobby together. Remember these guys have been around... they know what we do over here... they can see threads about murdering casino chips, I'm absolutely positive and have talked to a couple of them that categorize our entire community as practicing these habits.

While some of this obviously was intended to be funny, I know my sense of humor is awful... I also believe there are many good points in there! Just my take on how to breach the other side of the chipping community. Hope you enjoyed!!

Fellow Chipper Ben
When I open up the chipboard, I feel like Im back in 1999 with an old Tandy Windows 98 box no joke. Does that website run on WindowsNT
If it was worth anything that has to be an InfoSec nightmare Im sure a decent hacker could destroy that page in no time.
Next time I see a spam listing for "sex Asian singles" I'll be sure to post it lol

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