The Hitching Post (cash set)

The Hitching Post (cash set)

Owner: Mr Tree

The concept for The Hitching Post started with a thought that I wanted to do a saloon themed motif. Also integral to the thought process was my wife’s love of equestrian. At the time I was already running a regular league entitled The Iron Donkey Poker League. During a league night one of the locals joked that all of the donkeys were tied to the hitching post and my mind took off.

I contacted J5 about the design with specific instructions. The logo was to center on a pack mule tied to a hitching post. The pack mule was integral to the design for me to honor my mother. When I was a child my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given about half a year to live. She lived for five. My mother was the most stubborn human being I ever knew. She lived those five years out of sheer obstinance and refusal to leave my father and I until I was a teenager. In fact my mother, who was born in St Louis, had a nickname my father gave her, his Missouri Mule. She hated it, of course, but it was something that stuck with all of us because it was so spot on. So that is why a mule, and not a horse or a donkey, is tied to the hitchingpost.

For my cash set I wanted each chip individually to feel rustic. This made it very difficult as it narrowed my color palette significantly. For the most part I was restricted to earth colors with a few exceptions. During design I had a name for each chip that suggested it’s theme to me. They were

.25 – Painted Ladies (DG Pink and Red)
$1 – Prairie sky (Light Blue and Chocolate)
$5 – Longhorns (Butterscotch and White)
$25 – Apaches (Black, DG Orange, and Yellow)
$100 – Mules (White, Mandarin Red, and Light Chocolate)

None of these names actually ever stuck and the only chip which is still commonly called by a name is the $100 which was rechristened to “Peppermints” by one of my locals.

The color scheme is a loose interpretation of Cali Colors. The biggest departure is the $25 which normally would be purple in a Cali color scheme, but black fit the color scheme much better. Normally a Cali $20 is black, but I wanted a $25 so I took some creative license.

In the future my intention is to add a large order of $2 chips in order to support limit games. These will be dark green base with 414 DG Peach spots. Also I would like to purchase a rack of $500s incorporating the design elements from The Shootout at the Post II’s commemorative chip.
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A beautifully themed set with great edgespot progression and awesome aged-looking label designs.
This is a great story. The care and attention to details really comes through as an exceptional theme and chip set.
This set really is perfect
Some of the best looking chips I've ever seen on the HHR mold.
Just sublime..
Nice story and great looking chips.
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