The Club House

The Club House

The Club House

Owner: Rhodeman77
Artist: Steve (P5woody)
Manufacturer: CPC
Mold: A-mold,

When he was 10 years old, Adam's dad and uncle built a treehouse for him and his siblings, which they practically lived in for the next few years.

Adam's idea was to create a custom set that would capture the feel and memory of the treehouse. Adam was also an avid Magic the Gathering player and one of his favorite Magic cards was Mishra's factory. There are 4 versions of the cards, one for each season.

Combining these two ideas, Adam decided that he wanted the set to represent the changing seasons of an apple tree. To achieve this goal, the set utilises different inlay designs on each chip, along with colours and spots that best reflect each season.

The original order was for $1, $5, $20 and $100 denoms, being representative of the four seasons. Shortly after, the frac was designed as a sunrise, and the $500 designed as the evening with a full moon in the background.

Since completing the set, Adam had also made a secondary winter $1 chip, with a darker blue base and a $25 chip, which is another spring chip, allowing Adam the flexibility to get different chips in play each time the set hits the felt.



Denominations (with total quantities):
(120) $0.25 - 1/2 pie - DG green and DG tiger spots
(220) primary $1 - 2ds316 - light blue base with bright white spots
(160) secondary $1 - 3dsa316 - retro blue base with bright white and grey spots
(620) $5 - 614 - butterscotch base with DG yellow, DG orange and maroon spots
(240) $20 - 3ta316 - blurple base with DG green, DG Saturn and DG pink spots
(220) $25 - 3d14 - DG green base with retro blue and lavender spots
(120) $100 - 4v12 - bright white base with retro red and DG peacock spots
(20) $500 - 8d18 - black base with grey and DG yellow spots









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Excellent artwork, excellent theme, color choice and ascetic. Really an exceptional example of a custom set.
A well executed set with a unifying theme. Each individual denomination is unique and expressive. Great job!
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