Suicide Queen (cash set)

Suicide Queen (cash set)

Owners: k9dr
Inlay Design: Johnny5 (J5 Design)
Hot Stamps: meatboy
Total Bank: $11,860


.10 (100) white base with grey 3916 spots and black hot stamp
.25 (200) maroon base with white 3916 spots and gold hot stamp
$1 (200) blue base with mandarin red 3916 spots and round inlay
$5 (600) yellow base with green 3916 spots and scallop inlay
$20 (80) charcoal base with light blue 3916 spots and cog inlay
$100 (20) red base with canary 3916 spots and hub inlay
$100 cash bricks (50) with custom banderoles

My path to custom chips was a little bit different. Like most of you here on PCF, I spent many hours mocking up custom chip sets in the chip design tool. All the various colors and spot patterns were frankly very confusing to me. I knew what I liked when I saw it, but I apparently lacked the ability to design it on my own. I also could never quite settle on a truly inspirational theme for the inlay.

Across all the sets I designed, a few elements were consistent favorites - the MD-50 mold, shaped inlays, an orange or yellow $5, different inlays on each side, and a hot stamped frac. I had never really considered buying someone else's custom set but, when I saw the Suicide Queen set offered for sale by Meatboy, I jumped at the chance. This J5 designed set had pretty much everything I was looking for in a custom set. I purchased the fracs, $1's, $20's, $100's and cash bundles from Meatboy. The $5's were lost returning them to Voldemott at ASM Vegas and would need to be replaced. While I was ordering replacement $5's from CPC, I decided to completely change the $100 chip. The original base color was gray with orange spots and looked too subdued to me. I decided on a red base with canary spots and it really popped. I placed the order with CPC and after waiting a few months my chips arrived - conceived by meatboy, designed by J5, tweaked by me - the Suicide Queens
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