Motswari Lodge

Motswari Lodge

Motswari Lodge
by @Perthmike

I wanted a custom set that was going to feel personal, but I struggled for years to come up with a concept. I have always loved sets that tied each chip into the theme or were made in tribute to meaningful moments in life. With that in mind, I suggested to my wife that I'd like to do a safari set based on our honeymoon. Not only was she supportive, but she also suggested that each chip could be a different animal. So off I went.

I contacted @p5woody and didn't give him too much information, except that I wanted a sun in the middle, with the foreground in shadow and an animal in each, and to make it look like Africa.

The original order had a giraffe $5, but I later did an add-on for a secondary lion $5, with different colour spots for extra contrast.

Denominations (with total quantities):
(200) $0.25 - 2A12 - DG green base with DG yellow and retro green spots
(300) $1 - 3d14 - DG peacock base with DG arc yellow and DG Tiger spots
(400) primary $5 - 4dsa316 - Canary base with light chocolate and chocolate spots
(200) secondary $5 - 4dsa316 - Canary base with butterscotch and maroon spots
(100) $20 - 6dsa18 - Bright White base with black spots
(20) $100 - 3v123ds18 - charcoal base with DG pink and bright white spots
Artist: Steve (P5woody)

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