Bicycle Shack

Bicycle Shack

Bicycle Shack

Owner: kmccormick100 (Kyle)
Artist: Kyle McCormick
Manufacturer: CPC
Mold: B-mold

Nestled between the Northern Coastal range and California wine country sits the town of Petaluma, a great area to go for a long bike ride. That is just what Kyle would prefer to do when he isn't hosting games in his Bike Shack (AKA his garage.) He is an avid cyclist with 6 rides hanging in the shop. When thinking of a design for these customs he wanted a classic California color scheme while taking elements from some of the Las Vegas casino chips he liked best. The Bicycle Shack was born! I like the way he purposely reuses base colors in adjacent chip spots while avoiding any dirty stack issues. The inlay design has a classic casino look, very well done. Kyle decided an add on of fivers required an additional hundo and of course a $500 chip because...moar chips!


Denominations (with total quantities)
(100) .50's - 314 - DG Pink base with Canary spots
(200) $1's - 312 - Lt. Blue base with Bright White spots
(400) $5's - 3D14 - Canary Base with Retro Red & DG Tiger spots
(100) $20's - 6a14 - Charcoal base with Lt. Blue & DG Arc Yellow spots
(60)$100's - 6D18 - Bright White base with Retro Red & Blue spots
(20)$100's - 8A14 - Bright White base with Retro Red & Retro Blue spots - secondaries
(20) $500 - 6DSA18 - Lavender base with DG Tiger & DG Arc Yellow spots




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