Supporting PCF

How to Support PCF

As previously mentioned on our 'About Us' page, Poker Chip Forum operates as a non-profit site. We are supported by ad revenue, site vendors, and supporting members. Members can help support PCF in the following ways:

  • If you run an ad blocker, please consider disabling it while viewing our site (or add our website to your ad blockers whitelist). We don't have any annoying popup ads and only show 2 ads max per page to registered members.
  • Referring a friend is another great way to support the site. More Members = More Traffic = Increased Ad Revenue = More Awesome Giveaways. REPEAT!
  • In 2019, a supporting member tier was added as another way for members to support the site with less ads. View the Account Upgrades page.

Thank you and I appreciate the support!

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